ever feel like youre in mor

I have falling deep for a guy…that the outset shouls habe been hunting more for me than i him. bur now that i e declarex he is my best friend all insecurce hell has prokem loose in mi psyche

I men i can want his great bod and se,x skill but thats just pleasure…now i like him to rhe point hes o.ne of my three besties.  bitch dont understand that atatement import like he should. thiscis like ill give my kidney for you shit…. dudes

..and fucking chicks…no wonder dogs r best

Call or text for Holiday greetings?

Even tho your parents or grandparents may text with you – they usually dont understand why you texted Happy Birthday to them instead of called. Most folks who are not millenials consider texting vs calling hurtful. I know that the reaction here is maybe they should be glad I contacted them at all. Consider how egocentric and uncaring that is to your loved ones.

A Dark Night Sky


A dark night sky is a sky where little light pollution exists – usually away from the city and city lights. When I livef in the Hill Country I lived out of the city. And it was exhillariating to the point of scary to be able to walk out, look up, and see the stars shining so brightly and clearly against a dark, dark night sky. The area was park of the dark skys project…mostly because it was by an Air Force night time training base. Youd hear machine gun fire, explosions, Black Hawk helicopters over at this hundred acre hill country scrub base and they need(ed) the skys unlighted and natural to replicate realistic landscape experiences of the lands that battles and medical rescues would be conducted in. A in the area home can not  have anything but downward facing outdoor lights, no spotlights, holiday lights had just been approve…but it made for dark skys!

I can tell you, living on multiple acres, some uncleared from the areas cypress and oak trees, if one of my dogs was out in the woods barking at night and I  had to go investigate what was happening- the idea of all kinds of varmits from possums to lions to space aliens would definitly cross your mind.

But falling stars, meteors, planets the moon were so easy to site there. It was wonderful .