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..and fucking chicks…no wonder dogs r best

Call or text for Holiday greetings?

Even tho your parents or grandparents may text with you – they usually dont understand why you texted Happy Birthday to them instead of called. Most folks who are not millenials consider texting vs calling hurtful. I know that the reaction here is maybe they should be glad I contacted them at all. Consider how egocentric and uncaring that is to your loved ones.

A Dark Night Sky


A dark night sky is a sky where little light pollution exists – usually away from the city and city lights. When I livef in the Hill Country I lived out of the city. And it was exhillariating to the point of scary to be able to walk out, look up, and see the stars shining so brightly and clearly against a dark, dark night sky. The area was park of the dark skys project…mostly because it was by an Air Force night time training base. Youd hear machine gun fire, explosions, Black Hawk helicopters over at this hundred acre hill country scrub base and they need(ed) the skys unlighted and natural to replicate realistic landscape experiences of the lands that battles and medical rescues would be conducted in. A in the area home can not  have anything but downward facing outdoor lights, no spotlights, holiday lights had just been approve…but it made for dark skys!

I can tell you, living on multiple acres, some uncleared from the areas cypress and oak trees, if one of my dogs was out in the woods barking at night and I  had to go investigate what was happening- the idea of all kinds of varmits from possums to lions to space aliens would definitly cross your mind.

But falling stars, meteors, planets the moon were so easy to site there. It was wonderful .

Uk Midnight Cravings Are Weird to A Louisiana Girl


This is a not too spicy “spaghetti sandwich” requested as a midnite snack. Almost all these foods requests- for the last 14 years that Ive been cohabitating with my significant other- have confused me. They seem bland mixtures of odd food items with very specific limits on taste; or should I say “lack of taste thereof”.  My cooking is good, Im Southern…I can cook…but one shake of salt to him seems “overseasoned”. He is a first gen. Immigrant from the UK. I attempted, at the beggining of the relationship,   the most delecious Shepards Pie. With the response…” ugh so spicy”. One bite . When mum came to visit I asked her to make two things: Shepards Pie and Pancakes. Which when prepared, the first was watery and tasteless (IMO) and the pancakes were actually crepes. No wonder he thought my traditional buttermilk pancakes were too big and bready , etc. He was actually wanting crepes, he just didnt know it. The first time after Mum left (and she is adorable btw) I started to comment on the difference on English vs American Vs Southern food and learned that -just like in the South…you dont talk about a boys momma. So…me a great southerner… who can also cook  Kosher, and vegetarian in all combininations, have the hardest time not adding salt or seasonings,  not filling the plate full with food  ( you dont have to eat it all – its just so the guest doesnt have to ask for more…to make them feel more comfortable).
In my home we grew up cooking to taste..cookbook as  a guide. To him a recipe is gospel – one deviation is heresy. When he cooks, hours are spent in preparation, measuring,  mise en place. And nine out of ten times were all eating the fruits of his labour and inside going  “meehhh uuhh” which proves he has no taste buds. But we dont have the heart to tell him. His nephew, who was living with us at the time , in the biggest act of invention and love, heeded a plea that my significant other wanted sweets after dinnerone night.. .of which we had none and it was too late to go purchase. The 21year old remembered he had learned in remedial HS science a technique to make Ice cream in baggies by hand… which took the neph a couple hours and lots of ice and  tossing milk,  salt etc something filled baggies. He also whipped upped some apple tarts from a Pinterest post. I have lost this desire because I know it will most likely be unappreciated  and graded a la Top Chef . Oy vey. Any how after a couple of hours all was done by the nephew, prepared, presented and tasted. Neph asked how it tasted and he was told by S.O. it could have used more sugar and vanilla and the tarts were too buttery. Ungrateful….but so very British yes? So tonite I made him  something of a new request of a spaghetti sandwhich. And – He said it was good. File under moms, cooking, rude, tasteimpaired small victories. Lol #peace #love #food