Reintroduction – Ye Olde Neighbor

Weve met before. And today he was very concerned that I, a woman, was having to mow my own yard. Ive gotten that a lot my whole life. But he also forgot he knew me. We walk our dogs along the same route about the same time every evening. Just last week I was in his house, him sitting there; his daughter, her husband – all of us round table discussing a tree limb of mine that fell into their yard. I guess him to be over 65 given his sound introduction of retired, minister. By the look of his full head of gray hair, yet thin, frail, frame and sallow skin tone, I think his age is probably over 80…give or take.
So, today, after I mowed, weeded, and gardened he came over and once again – now for at least the fifth time in the two months Ive lived here, introduced himself to me again “hi, Im your nextdoor neighboor, a retired, minister”. I feel like he is old but not senile so I reminded him we had met before. He said he didnt remember – but it didnt seem to bother him. I meet people all the time and Ill see them in a different setting and not remember I met them before either. Some thought it  was rude for me to remind him that we had met. I dont. I wasnt rude. It was a point of fact. Another point is why a man thinks a woman cant mow her own yard. That can be an issue but in his case, I think its just his age and station. I mean – even though he offered to mow my lawn for me (not sure if he remembers seeing the man that lives at my house? Lol) 1. He uses a lawn service so he doesnt even mow his own lawn and 2. Would he remember? What a conundrum that would be if I said yes, expected him to, he forgets, I have to keep re- reminding him…re-introductions keep happening, his family members get irritated….oh it could all go so wrong. But it was a nice gesture. I explained I liked gardening – its my “thang” and I wouldnt dream of having anyone do it for me as long as Im able. So Im sure he and I will have this conversation again. And he told me my yard looked really nice. Great compliment from a retired minister eh? Ah suburbia…


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