Dogs, Rules and Sofa’s.

I think my #dog is determined to restructure my #furniture . He could lay anywhere – but the one place i tell him “no” is where he wants to go. Part of me thinks its because I am sitting right in front of these areas…he only sits there where I am sitting on the sofa alone – is he being “protective”. I’d like to think so. But it does mess up a very expensive leather sofa…but this high end store will replace the stuffing as often as I need. What – what is the point to which one becomes a raging “bitch” about things like this ??? He’s a living creature. He know’s he is not supposed to get there – and when he gets behind me…I make him move – he does. It’s just furniture. He is a living part of my life. He obeys – yet he tests….but his tests are only in certain situations – which always involve me sitting there and him getting behind me- I think on “lookout” . Im firm, but not angry with him. He gets it. All I know is i hope if someone charges into my home or he gets charged  – I hope we both fulfill our protective expectations of one another. We always have to think – what is most important? Think…inspire…do….  #rescue #love #doesntcare #iloveyouanyway 💜 #dogs #freehomedecorator #sofa #dallas #texas #petsofinstag

Dog remodel - on Sofa Back Cushion

Dog remodel – on Sofa Back Cushion

Dogs, Rules and Sofa’s

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