Rescuing Puppy – a time for Dog Celebrations….


Five years ago I rescued another mutt into the pack….He wasnt wild or ferrell but he eats dead animals, catches things on out two acre property…yet found a baby opossum and barked and ran for us (as if he was its mother), kept the other dogs away from it, until we got the baby retreed to safety. Quite the conundrum this one.

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Keeping Vince Vaughn up at night? Not just Tonight Show -But Colin Farrell murder suspect rap – What?


#Vincevaughn is killing me hilarious on #jimmyfallon #tonightshow ☺😂😅😆 talking about #truedetective and #colinferrell. #nbc now. Youll have to find it on Hulu or YouTube… this is the post Friday night interview about the game

This link will actually show you the game Vince Vaughn, Jimmy Fallon and Colin Farrell – please watch its scary, hilarious:

Heres the story that emerged in last nites (Thusdays) Tonight Show in a #TrueDectective “game” bit, Farrell, Fallon and Vaughn played  – that was intended to be lighthearted- but Farrell’s “did this really happen or not?” Question was that he was once accused of murder in another country . The outcome engendered a new respectful attitude from Vaughn. Vaughn has obviously been thinking about this a lot since last nite. And in Vaughns DeLIGHTFUL telling of a yarn, had me rolling on the ground in stiches and now (it worked) wanting to tune in to HBO True Dectective this Sunday more than ever just to see the dynamic between these two. Story background here – 🔫🔪💣💉🔥

Side note:  great article about True Detective writer Nic Pizzolatto in this months here: #vanityfair 👀💪👀

One of my fav quotes ” According to Berkeley professor and Hebrew scholar Robert Alter, the first words spoken by a figure in the Bible tell you everything. It’s the same with people—straight off, they give you all the information you need to piece them together.” 🔯🔯🔯 #study #film #literature random #bible notes.

Mother Nature….wind


It just takes 20 mins and one can come home from a normal afternoon too this in the front yard.  High winds due to tropical storm winds moving in means things like parents running down the street to get the kids inside, and lots of tree limbs down as I drive the street – thinking “ugh, poor guys”.  Im new in the neighborhood and to be friendly about a block away -almost stopped, rolled down the window and said “lots of free firewood for this winter” to a home owner that had a huge limb broken off in that yard…JUST LIKE MINE .So Ive lived thru Hurricanes in Florida, earthquakes in California and Tornando’s thru the states. You cant help getting a scary “high” in these storms. It is a lot like the Wizard of Oz to me – I look out and expect to see a woman on a bicycle pedaling (sp)  by–signaling doom….every time. But…I think the huge broken tree branch and howling wind will do it.

On a day like this, its good to have a best friend (saying “Dude…chill”


Its good #G-d gave us 4legged best friends. Today 6/18 is the anniversary of my dads untimely passing…25 years. WOW 💙💚💛 Tomorrow is my moms birthday!! 🍰🍦🍩…Sunday is #Fathersday 🎩🎩🎩So many emotions…but I have these #rescuedogs to #dog around with…filling me with #healing #meaning & #love. #zendogstuff #TikkunOlam 🐕🐶🐩 #hopeicanliveuptomypotential ☺This is #Scoobydoo looking all “mellow out dude”

First they came for the Jews

First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.

First they came for the hackers.
But I never did anything illegal with my computer,
so I didn’t speak up.

Then they came for the pornographers.
But I thought there was too much smut on the Internet anyway,
so I didn’t speak up

Then they came for the anonymous remailers.
But a lot of nasty stuff gets sent from,
so I didn’t speak up.

Then they came…

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