Keeping Vince Vaughn up at night? Not just Tonight Show -But Colin Farrell murder suspect rap – What?


#Vincevaughn is killing me hilarious on #jimmyfallon #tonightshow ☺😂😅😆 talking about #truedetective and #colinferrell. #nbc now. Youll have to find it on Hulu or YouTube… this is the post Friday night interview about the game

This link will actually show you the game Vince Vaughn, Jimmy Fallon and Colin Farrell – please watch its scary, hilarious:

Heres the story that emerged in last nites (Thusdays) Tonight Show in a #TrueDectective “game” bit, Farrell, Fallon and Vaughn played  – that was intended to be lighthearted- but Farrell’s “did this really happen or not?” Question was that he was once accused of murder in another country . The outcome engendered a new respectful attitude from Vaughn. Vaughn has obviously been thinking about this a lot since last nite. And in Vaughns DeLIGHTFUL telling of a yarn, had me rolling on the ground in stiches and now (it worked) wanting to tune in to HBO True Dectective this Sunday more than ever just to see the dynamic between these two. Story background here – 🔫🔪💣💉🔥

Side note:  great article about True Detective writer Nic Pizzolatto in this months here: #vanityfair 👀💪👀

One of my fav quotes ” According to Berkeley professor and Hebrew scholar Robert Alter, the first words spoken by a figure in the Bible tell you everything. It’s the same with people—straight off, they give you all the information you need to piece them together.” 🔯🔯🔯 #study #film #literature random #bible notes.

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