Procrastination and asserting authority


The absolute best way to ensure that I will not do something is to tell me I have to do it. Has to do with overbearing parent , who was controlling, the way I learned to assert myself was by procrastin

ating to the point of not doing it at all. Now as an adult I can become my own worst enemy if I mentally do the same to myself… “you HAVE to do this today” …”No I dont”. Reason wins out…but it is amazing how our childhoods create our lives. And my parent over compensated in the control and organization category because her childhood was virtually free of it. Oddly, the book called “Procrastination Why You Do It, What To Do About It Now” touches on this very subject. Oddly because I thought at one point I just had a procrastination issue and didnt see how it affects so many aspects of my 50 plus years of life. Therapy helped identify. What have your experiences been?

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